Effortless time blocking.

Take control of your time with our powerful
open-source planning software.

Used by the best teams.

Set time aside for what you need to do.

Drag any task to your calendar, and an event will be created on your Google Calendar.
Task to Calendar

All your most important tasks at a glance.

Our integrations stay in sync with all of your actionable items — PRs from GitHub, tasks from Linear and Jira, meetings from Google Calendar, and even Slack messages. Easily see a bird’s-eye view and plan your day on your Overview page.
Focus Mode

Forget multitasking — this is singletasking.

A single distraction can take up to 23 minutes to fully recover from. With Focus Mode, you can devote all your attention on one task or topic at a time without distractions. See info about your current meeting or any tasks you’ve dragged to the calendar. Stay focused on one thing at a time.

An ergonomic tool for daily use.

Software should help you, not get in your way.

We strongly believe that the interfaces we use each day should be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

A great example of how we do this is the Quick Command tool, which lets you take many shortcuts with just a few simple keystrokes. Over time, the interface can be learned to be played like a fine instrument.